The Company

Johann PointnerThe Foundation

The CompanyMODUM – Moderne Umwelttechnik GmbH was founded by Mr.Johann Pointnerin 1980.

The TakeoverRalph Pointner

After his unexpected death in 1999 his son Mr.Ralph Pointner has taken over the management.

The Company

In the beginning the company´s main business was grinding and trading with plastic regrounds from PE,PP, PS and PVC.

Over the years, the clients´ demands in quality became very high and the need for regranules became larger and larger. To fulfill all our clients´ wishes EREMA lines were bought and to guarantee the quality, tests have been carried out in the company´s own laboratory. In order to be able to meet the demand, EREMA regranulation systems were purchased and to ensure quality, ongoing tests are carried out in the company’s own laboratory.

Due to our large stock, prompt deliveries, economic prices and the customer-orientated sales strategy the traded amount of regrounds and regranules could be increased from initial 300 – 500 tons up to 800 – 1000 tons per month.


Consequently, company MODUM stands for:

          • more than 40 years of experience in the plastics recycling industry
          • timely and prompt deliveries due to large stock of materials
          • economical prices and customer-oriented sales policy
          • quality assurance through testing in our own company laboratory
          • environmental Protection